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The website is designed for the symposium titled, “Cinematic Experiments with Artificial Intelligence: Exploring the Expressive and Activist Potential of A.I from an Arts and Humanities Perspective”, organized by NYU Cinema Studies professor Dr. Marina Hassapopoulou as a part of an International Research and Collaboration Award from the University of Cambridge’s Mellon Sawyer seminar “Histories of Artificial Intelligence: A Genealogy of Power”.

For more information, check out the Introduction page and the Schedule page.

The website also functions as an open archive for expressive and cinematic projects that incorporate, employ and/or critique A.I (Artificial Intelligence) technology and aesthetics. While the archive attempts to cover a wide range of projects, exhibitions, archives, research labs and films across diverse disciplinary and national borders, we acknowledge that it is impossible to compile all the materials. As an ongoing and collaborative archival project, we are looking for your contribution. Please use the comment section on the contribution page if you have something to share. You can also contact us directly. Your contribution will be much appreciated and we will update the website as soon as possible.

Thank you for visiting the website!

*Disclaimer about the images: The featured images on this website are either from Pixabay, an online database for copyright free images, or from the symposium’s featured artists’ websites under their permissions. The images on certain pages were created in collaboration with the Deep Dream Generator, an AI-driven image generating software.